connecting to a PC
To connect the Technopipes to your PC you would need a cable with a 3.5mm male stereo contact in both ends. You can get these from most Hi-Fi stores etc. You then connect it to the line-in jack on the PC.

You will probably need to turn the volume of the Technopipes up all the way to get a good signal level.

If you have a MAC laptop, the headphone output can be configured as an input. You go to "settings" and "sound" or something like that. I don't know the details, but I would say it is important to reconfigure it from output to input before connecting the Technopipes so as not to damage the circuitry.

connecting to an amplifier
You can connect your Technopipes to an amplifier/PA system/mixer etc. Just remember; most PA system inputs are mono. What you will need then is a stereo to 2x mono splitter cable. Then you just use one of the mono contacts for connecting to the PA system, and let the other hang. Hi-Fi stores often have cables with a 3.5mm male stereo contact in one end and 2x mono phono contacts in the other. Of course, then you would probably need some adapter between the phono contact and your PA system.

You will probably need to turn the volume of the Technopipes up all the way to get a good signal level.

using MIDI
You can consider the DIN contact at the end of the provided cable to be part of the instrument. What you then need to connect two MIDI instruments is a standard MIDI extension cable (male-male) of any length. These can be found in any music instrument store.

Your PC has to have a corresponding DIN contact (usually located on the back, on the sound board). If you computer does not have a MIDI contact, you would need to get a MIDI to USB adapter. EDIROL UM-1SX and the likes work fine.

To enter MIDI mode you finger the combination first and then put the jack in to the Technopipes, OR put the jack in first and then make sure that the first thing you do with the chanter is to finger the MIDI combination.
Entering MIDI mode filmclip ... (.wmw)

After you have the connections ok, you will need some software in the PC that interprets the MIDI commands received from the Technopipes and produces the sound through the sound board. Often a program comes with the sound card. I have a board from Creative, and the very basic software is called SoundFont Bank Manager. There are other more expensive ones too, like Cubase and Reason.

You can read more about the principles of MIDI on the internet.
Here is one webpage: MIDI manufacturers association tutorials webpage

MIDI resources
The MIDI sound modules of Michael Eskin

changing the battery
Inserting the battery filmclip ... (.wmw)
Removing the battery filmclip ... (.wmw)
Uilleann version. Inserting and removing the battery filmclip ... (.MOV)

other resources
The Technopipes page at The Universe of Bagpipes